The Better way to Take Selfies

People have been taking selfies for quite a long time but they have not being able to take group shots or their own selfies and still capture their background view at the same time. Thanks to the invention of selfie sticks, the selfie fanatics will be able to capture their shot easily and without strain.

A selfie stick is an extendable rod that allows you to take snap shots and still capture your background scenery. Selfie sticks having been trending ever since they were introduced in the market but to some there have been a menace and to others they are the best thing that ever happened to the world of photography.

Selfie poles have allowed people to take their selfies without including their arms. Taking selfies at arm’s length has been a strain but this has been made easier using the monopods since they extend up to different lengths.

These gadgets will also allow you to capture your snaps at different angles due to its adjustable head. Most of all, it allows you to take group shots and still cover a wide area of your background scenery.

Selfie poles are also available in different models thus you can acquire waterproof or snow proof selfie stands that allow you to take your selfies in places with water or snow respectively. This gives you more choices on the places you can take your snapshots at.

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Why you need to Stop Taking Selfies

Selfies have been causing such a fad ever since people go to know about them and it’s not like it’s going to stop any time soon. People have been taking selfies everywhere without caring about what kind of an occasion is taking place. Selfies have even led to the creation of a selfie stick which many people hate due to the disruptions it creates but on the other hand all selfie enthusiasts are crazy about it. Here is a list of reasons why some individuals think selfie lovers should stop taking selfies.

  1. The filters create a false illusion that you are flawless all the time. This confidence that is created through selfies might be shattered by someone when it comes to real life.
  2. The number of likes does not relate to your self-worth and the people who are following you are not your real friends. So get out and try making new friends who will be there when you need them.
  3. Taking selfies using the selfie stands makes you seem to self-absorbed in yourself that you do not give notice to the world around you.
  4. Not many people cares about the different selfies you are taking, unless you are going to take them in beautiful places around the world.
  5. You are missing out on the beautiful scenery of the places you are touring since you are busy taking selfies of yourself and posting them on the different social media sites.
  6. Taking lots of selfies is a waste of time since you have to strike different poses then find the perfect selfie for you to post on your social media sites.

Selfies may not seem like something bad to selfie fanatics, but to the rest of the world they really hate it.

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What do Selfies Say about You?

Everyone is taking a selfie and even the celebrities have been quick to join the selfie team. Selfies tend to portray different images about a person depending on the person’s perspective of the selfies. The introduction of the selfie stick has also increased the people’s obsession on selfies since they can take their selfies easily without straining. These are some thoughts on what selfies say about you.

Different selfies have different motivations behind them which are the main reason why some selfies would go viral while others don’t. When you take a selfie with an animal, it portrays humanity at a good level which makes people perceive it positively. On the other hand people take selfies of everything and anything they are doing which does get boring, making people judgmental. Such selfies portray you as a person who is all about themselves and they don’t care how others feel.

Social media sites were created with the aim of helping people to connect whether they are in different countries.  People are using the likes and comments they get to boost their esteem, the fact that one does take a series of photos and posts the perfect one is quite obvious. Get to interact with people in the real world and you will get to know of all your strengths and flaws, instead of getting it from strangers.

Selfies also let people prove that they are part of a much larger group. Different trends are started in order to bring awareness to people about certain issues. Being part of a group creates comfort and safety for you which reassure you.  Selfie might be an expression of a person’s identity but it also allows you to discover yourself. To some people a selfie might be a self-absorption act but to some it’s a definition of the world which expects too much but gives too little.

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Why People Post Selfies

Selfies have been making rounds in town ever since they were introduced. Everyone does take a selfie once in a while whether they find it annoying or not. People have become addicted to taking selfies and posting them on their social media sites which makes many people wonder why they post them. Selfie is a portrait that a person takes of themselves which at times can get exhausting. Here are some few reasons why people take selfies.


After a posting a selfie to your different social media sites, you tend to wait for people to comment and like. Sometimes you keep scrolling your page to see whether there are new likes or comments. The likes and comments people get tend to make them feel more loved. Love is an important aspect of life and when people lack it they feel empty which is why they post selfies and the comments and likes remind them they are still loved.


Posting a selfie and getting back likes and comments makes you feel totally accepted.  Selfie enthusiasts tend to take quite a number of selfies and post the best since the can get the approval of others which makes them feel more close to others. Selfies are also making people not to know the difference between the real life they have and the life they have on the different social media sites.

Wanting to matter

Social media sites have exposed people to another kind of life where you see people vacationing and very happy, making you wish for such a life. Individuals post selfies to also show that they also have a fun life although they are not even vacationing.

With the coming of the selfie stick, the obsession of selfies has also increased greatly that it happens the first thing that a person does after getting up is taking a selfie.

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Are Selfies the Worst?

Some individual tend to find selfies annoying while others think of it as the best thing that happened in the world of photography. Selfies are just self-portraits that you take by yourself with your phone or camera. Selfies have brought a lot of controversies with people referring to it as the ‘Narcisstick’ since it makes people ignore the world around them.  People are even taking selfies in places where they are not supposed which is irritating to the people and very disrespectful.

Selfies portray you as a self-absorbed person and posting those selfies to your social media sites does make it worse. This habit can get annoying especially if you are taking these selfies on the street or public places and you are using your selfie stick. Selfie sticks are quite distractive and they may cause accidents which would portray you as a selfish person.

Some people tend to post a number of selfies continuously to their different social media sites and get glued to their phone waiting for likes and comments. Selfies have brought the narcissistic side of people which most people hate, since they tend to act as if there’s nothing else that exists beyond them.

When visiting tourist attraction sites, many selfie fanatics don’t take time to learn about the place or even discover it since they are too busy taking selfies to show their followers what they have been up to and where they are located. Taking a selfie with your family in order to remember the moments you shared is okay but always ensure that you do not interrupt the peace of others.


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